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  • Damaged or impaired, or made less striking or attractive, as a result of age or much use.

    ‘the timeworn faces of the veterans’
    • ‘a timeworn aphorism’
    • ‘I think your concern is that it may not continue to work in the future, and Georgia represents a threat to you all, that your time-worn strategy just won't hold up in the future.’
    • ‘But not satisfied with mere hypocrisy, they also add this time-worn lie.’
    • ‘The time-worn argument that conservatives have authoritarian personalities is, more or less, a nasty way of recasting my thesis.’
    • ‘But, to thieve a time-worn phrase, there are probably as many answers to the second question as there are economists.’
    • ‘The non-identical twins come from Artemisa, a time-worn colonial town 60 km from Havana.’
    • ‘We have a time-worn set of criss-cross paths already, well used the year round and don't require lorry loads of stones or whatever to improve them.’
    • ‘The Congress party has appeared to prefer to adhere to the time-worn and traditional formulations adopted on these issues.’
    • ‘They rejuvenate their age-old vocal style by breathing new life into some time-worn standards.’
    • ‘When this happens Prime Ministers can fall back on two time-worn responses: relaunches or reshuffles.’
    • ‘This is the stuff formed in the time-worn fabric of family and community.’
    • ‘Think about it before you reel off your time-worn line about using a false premise.’
    • ‘You're outside that time-worn tale in which there is a husband, children and a family.’
    • ‘An historical city of time-worn beauty doesn't have to worry what other people think.’
    • ‘Predictably, the media shaped the saga of the rescued miners according to time-worn journalistic methods, massaging it into a ‘good news’ story, while working to turn the miners themselves into momentary celebrities.’
    • ‘Having previously had to admit that the ‘children overboard’ claims were false, Howard fell back on his time-worn defence that he acted simply on advice from the military and intelligence agencies.’
    • ‘Rather, I've come to the diplomatic conclusion that intentionally beat-up production simply complements bands who are bent on re-examining time-worn musical ideas.’
    • ‘I'm not pressing for new names for time-worn concepts, I'm objecting to the way people treat English grammar as if it were a frozen collection of eternal truths like Pythagorean geometry.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, to rehash a time-worn axiom, there's an exception to every rule and that holds true for baseball records even when comparing those for rookies to ones established by veterans.’
    • ‘You can say that coaching wins over everything, or stopping the run is essential - time-worn lessons we have embossed into our minds - but the key is to look forward.’
    • ‘He had then made the time-worn accusation that the pretensions of the courts reduced the kingdom to an aristocracy of magistrates.’
    worn out, worn, well worn, old
    old, aged, ancient, weathered, lined, wrinkled, hoary
    hackneyed, trite, banal, vapid, platitudinous, clichéd, cliché-ridden, stock, conventional, unoriginal, derivative, overused, overworked, worn out, threadbare, tired, stale, dull, pedestrian, run-of-the-mill, routine, humdrum, stereotyped



/ˈtīmwôrn/ /ˈtaɪmwɔrn/