Definition of timolol in English:



  • A synthetic compound that acts as a beta blocker and is used to treat hypertension, migraines, and glaucoma.

    Chemical formula: C₁₃H₂₄N₄O₃S

    ‘The beta-blocker medication timolol may have significant cardiac side effects, including bradycardia and heart failure.’
    • ‘The beta blockers, including propranolol, nadolol, atenolol, metoprolol, and timolol, are effective but may cause fatigue, sleep disorders, and decreased exercise tolerance.’
    • ‘One researcher found topical use of the betablocker, timolol, did not work as well in the evening.’
    • ‘On the other hand, absence of evidence of effectiveness is not the same as evidence of absence of effectiveness, and atenolol may, in reality, be as effective as propranolol or timolol.’
    • ‘There is good evidence for the efficacy of propranolol and timolol.’



/ˈtīməlôl/ /ˈtaɪməlɔl/ /ˈtīməˌläl/ /ˈtaɪməˌlɑl/


1970s from tim- (of unknown origin) + (propran)olol.