Definition of tip one's hand in English:

tip one's hand


informal North American
  • Reveal one's intentions inadvertently.

    • ‘Collecting stories across the political spectrum, he never tips his hand to reveal his views or prejudices.’
    • ‘He doesn't tip his hand and reveal why he knows, but he tells Clark that he knows the story about his rescue is not quite true.’
    • ‘But that will be carefully parsed by all of the economists on Wall Street to see - and if you're familiar with the way that Alan Greenspan speaks, he's almost rarely, rarely tips his hand.’
    • ‘Both sides wage spirited fights because, up until the moment Bush tips his hand, they assure themselves that the president shares their point of view.’
    • ‘The Brown Act includes a litigation exception, to keep counties, cities and school districts from tipping their hand to their adversaries.’
    • ‘Because criminal authors actively spread their creations, they are cautious about tipping their hand.’
    • ‘With regard to any physical evidence, certainly nobody is tipping their hand in this investigation.’
    • ‘I should point out that judges have this wonderful habit of sometimes not tipping their hand in the courtroom.’
    • ‘That Courtney has written a good one without tipping her hand as the creator is what drives us to both critique her morally and misinterpret her critically.’
    • ‘Is the CIA really furious because the French tipped their hand too soon, or did French action save the day?’