Definition of tippet in English:



  • 1A woman's long fur scarf or shawl worn around the neck and shoulders.

    ‘As well as photographs and memorabilia, the display includes a selection of instruments and one of their distinctive uniforms with its large cap, known as a veil, and a small cape called a tippet.’
    • ‘Fur tippets are likely to be all the rage by November and December as not only are they a 200 year old revived fashion item rarely seen, but they are also practical in chilly windy countries in winter.’
    • ‘The children were in their traditional uniform - blue trousers and blue cut-away coats with gold braid and old fashioned tabs for the boys; grey bonnets, tippets and aprons for the girls.’
    • ‘It's like wearing a mink tippet or not recycling.’
    • ‘Surely slivers of raw offal are the only appropriate accessory for a full-length fox coat with matching paw-and-nose tippet?’
    1. 1.1A long ceremonial scarf worn especially by the clergy.
      • ‘He should have had a Tyburne tippet, a halpeny halter, and all such proud prelates.’
    2. 1.2 historical A long, narrow strip of cloth forming part of or attached to a hood or sleeve.
      • ‘At his fancy-dress party, Arkadin, already huge, augments his volume with tails, a heavy cloak with a triple tippet, and a three-cornered hat.’



/ˈtipət/ /ˈtɪpət/


Middle English probably from an Anglo-Norman derivative of the noun tip.