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  • (of a person) having a title indicating high social or official rank.

    ‘many titled guests were always invited’
    • ‘Such crude words from your lips is unforgivable in the daughter of a titled lord, is it not?’
    • ‘He wasn't a titled man, or a man of property, like those who signed the Declaration.’
    • ‘White markings probably denote his status as a titled member of the Peri warrior society.’
    • ‘He was also a great hit among titled Australians and particularly, so it seems, among titled women.’
    • ‘It's all very incongruous coming from the mouth of a titled man whose toffee vowels are drawn out like a penny chew.’
    • ‘With the death of her titled father in 1934, the barony passed to her eldest brother.’
    • ‘The wives of titled men have been joined or replaced by women who are successful in their own right.’
    • ‘Three weeks after he beat his most titled rivals to become the national champion.’
    • ‘Norma Reeve, from a lowly background in the East End, was taken in by a titled lady with servants and a butler who served Norma her meals.’
    • ‘This is great for titled players, who want all that information at their fingertips.’
    • ‘She was a titled lady and her daughter worked for the Queen, as she was then, who recently died.’
    aristocratic, noble, noble-born, of noble birth, patrician, titled, blue-blooded, high-born, well born, elite, upper-crust, landowning, landed, born with a silver spoon in one's mouth



/ˈtīdld/ /ˈtaɪdld/