Definition of titularly in English:



  • In name or in name only.

    ‘he was titularly a chief petty officer’
    • ‘But they are either in my head today, are titularly significant or I've been wallowing in them pointlessly, and they together somehow manage to sum up my head, today.’
    • ‘According to our records Jim is still titularly in charge of this stuff, and ought by now to be back from his extended leave.’
    • ‘But for the adventurous, these titularly titled vignettes are a breath of fresh air.’
    • ‘She said it was nonsense for him to suggest he was responsible only titularly.’
    • ‘Chapter one is titularly about typing, but spends a lot of time dealing with the problems of pseudo-random number generation, and seed data acquisition, and finally outlines an unlikely and very complex attack, heavily dependent upon specific functions and data availability, and seemingly directed at finding out if someone is typing at the computer.’



/ˈtiCHələrlē/ /ˈtɪtʃələrli/