Definition of to be precise in English:

to be precise


  • Used to indicate that one is now giving more exact or detailed information.

    ‘there were not many—five, to be precise’
    • ‘Mine took more persuasion, or rather frantic hacking to be precise.’
    • ‘Hannah Honner has a lot of sisters at home, five to be precise and just one brother called William.’
    • ‘Only we're in Sussex, a few miles west of Guildford, to be precise, which sounds rather less romantic than rural France.’
    • ‘The nearby Tin Pub is, as the name suggests, built of tin - or rather corrugated iron and metal sheets, to be precise.’
    • ‘South Africa has more Nobel laureates than any other African country - six to be precise.’
    • ‘It was a Saturday night - Valentine's night to be precise - and six of us descended on Manchester for dinner.’
    • ‘The Venetian cost about as much as Venice probably did: $1.4 billion, to be precise.’
    • ‘But money buys quality and it didn't take long for that to manifest itself - seven minutes to be precise.’
    • ‘I got in touch with a local artist - a painter actually, well, my wife to be precise - and asked her if she had any ideas.’
    • ‘A little under a minute later - 55.03 secs to be precise - what was left of her career lay in tatters.’