Definition of to one's feet in English:

to one's feet


  • To a standing position.

    ‘he leaped to his feet’
    • ‘The energy sensitivity and conviction of the cast brought the audience to their feet in a standing ovation.’
    • ‘And at the end of the performance, we rose to our feet and gave a standing ovation.’
    • ‘The grand finale brought a beguiled and enthralled audience to their feet for a standing ovation.’
    • ‘When she completed the variation, we rose to our feet in a spontaneous standing ovation.’
    • ‘Rawson stomped over to her prone position and lifted her to her feet by the front of her dress.’
    • ‘And the long clarinet solo over a thundering funk break in the closing piece makes you leap to your feet.’
    • ‘In every living room in Wales men leapt from sofas to their feet.’
    • ‘And as I stepped into the light a whole bunch of reporters leapt to their feet.’
    • ‘The audience wasted no time in leaping to their feet to applaud a seamless opening night.’
    • ‘They leaped to their feet with delight when Harriet was announced as the winner.’