Definition of to that effect in English:

to that effect

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  • Having that result, purpose, or meaning.

    ‘she thought it a foolish rule and put a notice to that effect in a newspaper’
    • ‘Also shops and other organisations offering a discount should be displaying a notice to that effect.’
    • ‘We have received notice to that effect and I am just looking at the transcript of the last occasion.’
    • ‘If he elects to become the holder he shall give notice to the company to that effect.’
    • ‘I wrote a letter to that effect, and was pleasantly surprised to see it printed a week or so later.’
    • ‘You say he made a statement that they were going to get together or words to that effect?’
    • ‘It is likely that she will eventually have to make an explicit but carefully crafted statement to that effect.’
    • ‘While I believe it would be inadvisable to change the law I would welcome arguments to that effect.’
    • ‘I know you have heard evidence from other witnesses to that effect.’
    • ‘We got that report within hours of that happening and I think some public comments were made to that effect.’
    • ‘It's amusing due to that fact I was rather enjoying some of his entries up until that point, and left comments to that effect.’
    sense, meaning, theme, drift, thread, import, purport, intent, intention, burden, thrust, tenor, significance, message