Definition of to the core in English:

to the core


  • 1To the depths of one's being.

    ‘she was shaken to the core by his words’
    • ‘Ultimately, he found his way back to Athens, but his NYU stint was not to be, and he was shaken to the core.’
    • ‘After the last note faded away, the audience was still, shaken to the core.’
    • ‘The cremation of the royal remains was therefore a catastrophe that shook Malagasy society to the core.’
    • ‘Two years ago last week, Standard Life Bank arrived on the scene and shook the banking market to the core.’
    • ‘Soaked through with sweat and shaken to the core, I faced my first few classes in a traumatised daze.’
    • ‘I really feel for the Dutch people, and know that this murder must have shaken them to the core.’
    • ‘He was even convinced that her only friend in the entire city was her agent, something that had shaken her to the core.’
    • ‘But the meeting had shaken Damon to the core and had made him remember his own longing for Death.’
    • ‘The information from Boston about his ancestor had shaken him to the core.’
    • ‘There's a horrible, ringing finality to his words that shakes me to the core.’
    1. 1.1Used to indicate that someone possesses a characteristic to a very high degree.
      ‘he is a politician to the core’
      • ‘On Ghantasala, she said the singer was a perfectionist to the core.’
      • ‘The whole system of government procurement is utterly corrupt to the core.’
      • ‘I speak not as a partisan or an opponent of any man or measure, when I say that our politics are rotten to the core.’
      • ‘Fay and Dave seemed to have the perfect relationship - they were in love to the core and always had been.’
      completely, totally, absolutely, entirely, wholly, fully, thoroughly, quite, altogether, one hundred per cent, downright, outright, unqualifiedly, in all respects, unconditionally, perfectly, implicitly, unrestrictedly, really, veritably, categorically, consummately, undisputedly, unmitigatedly, wholeheartedly, radically, stark, just, to the hilt, to the core, all the way, to the maximum extent, extremely, infinitely, unlimitedly, limitlessly, ultimately