Definition of toadflax in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtōdˌflaks/ /ˈtoʊdˌflæks/


  • A Eurasian plant of the figwort family, typically having yellow or purplish flowers resembling snapdragons and slender leaves.

    Linaria and related genera, family Scrophulariaceae: several species, in particular butter-and-eggs (L. vulgaris), with yellow and orange flowers and found widely as a naturalized North American weed

    ‘The wetter areas support meadows containing Missouri goldenrod, false toadflax, golden-glow, Indian paintbrush, Mariposa lily, death camas, and prairie smoke.’
    • ‘Ivy climbed over the stones and other plants - toadflax, herb robert, wild strawberries, primroses - grew in a splendid profusion.’
    • ‘Flowers: suitable for the less formal border are harebell, foxglove, ox-eye daisy, toadflax, alpine, autumn and field gentians, cranesbill, forget-me-not, and viper's bugloss.’
    • ‘Some have picturesque names, like broad-lipped purple side-saddle flower, cobweb houseleek, lion's tail phlomis, livid hellebore, melancholy toadflax, parrot-beaked heliconia, and warty St. John's wort.’
    • ‘Less conspicuous species are woolly plantain, wild four-o'clock, yellow stargrass, and false toadflax.’