Definition of toadyism in English:



See toady

  • ‘These two behaviors of subordination and aggressive domination, toadyism and the symbolic rape of reputations, are referred to here in their most extreme form.’
  • ‘As the pressures have increased, toadyism has increased.’
  • ‘The failed March First Movement taught us that in order to win our fight for independence and freedom, we must have effective revolutionary leadership and organizational structures; we must use the right tactics and strategies; and we must debunk toadyism and build up our strength on our own.’
  • ‘The not-so-little secret is that indecisions are often more frequently rewarded at the workplace than decisions, joining the litany of office-sanctioned bad behaviors that include toadyism, hissy-fits, and frat-house machismo.’
  • ‘It lays out, with fierce irony and escalating desperation, the horrors of the nuclear reactor meltdown at Chernobyl and the buck-passing perfected by a system aimed at ‘inculcating industriousness (somewhat successfully), obedience (fairly successfully) and toadyism (very successfully).’’