Definition of tobacco plant in English:

tobacco plant


  • 1The plant that yields tobacco.

    ‘The tobacco plant is an ideal crop for genetic modification.’
    • ‘The first genetically modified crop was a virus-resistant tobacco plant, produced in 1983.’
    • ‘Although the active ingredients of the cannabis plant differ from those of the tobacco plant, each produces about 4000 chemicals when smoked and these are largely identical.’
    • ‘Many of us grow annuals such as lobelia, salvia, sunflowers, poppies, tobacco plants and nasturtiums from seed each year to add extra colour to our gardens.’
    • ‘There were water snakes in the bottomland, rattlesnakes wedged between the rocks of wooden areas, and copperheads all over the place - especially in the shade under bushes and tobacco plants.’
    1. 1.1An ornamental plant related to the tobacco plant.
      • ‘Night-flying moths are especially keen on ornamental tobacco plants.’


tobacco plant

/təˈbakō plant/ /təˈbækoʊ plænt/