Definition of tocopherol in English:



  • Any of several closely related compounds, found in wheatgerm oil, egg yolk, and leafy vegetables, which collectively constitute vitamin E. They are fat-soluble alcohols with antioxidant properties, important in the stabilization of cell membranes.

    • ‘Vitamin E is a mixture of several related compounds known as tocopherols.’
    • ‘Many E-numbers are found naturally in foods and may include essential vitamins, such as ascorbic acid and tocopherols.’
    • ‘Certain vitamins like tocopherol and ascorbic acid are also suggested to have a strong free radical scavenging properties.’
    • ‘The high reactivity of the singlet states of lycopene may be relevant to the synergetic antioxidative effect of tocopherols in the presence of lycopene.’
    • ‘Such parameters have been measured successfully for a range of more natural lipidic inclusions such as various phospholipid species, cholesterol and alpha tocopherol.’


1930s from Greek tokos ‘offspring’ + pherein ‘to bear’ + -ol.