Definition of toilet paper in English:

toilet paper

Pronunciation /ˈtoilit ˌpāpər/ /ˈtɔɪlɪt ˌpeɪpər/

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  • Paper in sheets or on a roll for wiping oneself clean after urination or defecation.

    ‘How is it possible to use a whole roll of toilet paper in a single day?’
    • ‘I think we might also place a rule that everyone who stays over must bring a roll of toilet paper.’
    • ‘It might be helpful to hold a clean pad of toilet paper or a sanitary towel over your stitches the first few times you pass a stool - this will also help the area stay clean.’
    • ‘My girlfriend and I recalled that there was half a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom when we left in the morning.’
    • ‘I would then discover a brand new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom after my sister had been in there.’
    • ‘People were stealing toilet paper by the roll faster than they could put it out in the dispensers.’
    • ‘She sighed, brushed her hands and bent down to pick up a roll of toilet paper and the shaving cream.’
    • ‘All she found were a few spare blankets, a uniform, soap and a spare roll of toilet paper.’
    • ‘Bryan was staring at me with wide eyes, a roll of toilet paper held out to me in one hand.’
    • ‘Is there also a way to get a man to put the roll of toilet paper on the holder, or am I really out of line with that one?’
    • ‘Available were egg cartons, boxes, rolls of toilet paper, label slips, and plastic bags.’
    • ‘Jordan came back in with a jug of water and a full roll of toilet paper.’
    • ‘Logan handed her a roll of toilet paper from the closet beside the bathroom.’
    • ‘Paper and board are recycled to produce packaging materials, tissue, toilet paper, printing paper, and writing paper.’
    • ‘Inspectors reported that some toilets outside the town centre were not pleasant to use and some had no toilet paper, hot water or waste paper bins.’
    • ‘Let her practice flushing the toilet and watching toilet paper or feces disappear.’
    • ‘A lot of the time there is no toilet paper and the toilet paper dispensers are broken.’
    • ‘She flushed the toilet, and then wiped off the drops that had splashed onto the toilet seat with a piece of toilet paper.’
    • ‘That said, I'm sure my new housemates will be delighted with the 36 rolls of toilet paper I'm bringing with me.’
    • ‘I try not to sit anywhere until I've had a chance to go to the bathroom and wipe up a bit with toilet paper.’
    tissue paper, wrapping paper