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toll road

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  • A road that drivers must pay to use.

    ‘Now the local Department of Transportation has opened up the current carpool lane that runs along half of my route home to single drivers as a toll road.’
    • ‘As per the draft Master Plan, there is a green wedge of 11, 294 acres between the toll road and the peripheral road.’
    • ‘He said motorists would be able to reach the road via the Jakarta-Merak toll road, and from Serpong and Lippo Karawaci.’
    • ‘At the end of the day the political ideology that says we must not have a toll road has won the day.’
    • ‘Even for those who do not pay, a toll road means less traffic on the toll-free road.’
    • ‘The expressway is being built by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, which is operating it as a toll road.’
    • ‘Motorists could in future be given the option of taking an express toll road or a slower un-tolled road, between Johannesburg and Pretoria.’
    • ‘Wilkinson also questioned the necessity of the road in light of the proposed N2 toll road from East London to Durban.’
    • ‘The 407 was built as a toll road by the New Democrats under a private/public partnership for about $1.5 billion.’
    • ‘It will be completed in 18 months and will function as a toll road.’
    • ‘The company's first toll road went into operation in 1989.’
    • ‘But scarcely 20 miles away, a new four-lane toll road is a giant step backward.’
    • ‘The environmental documents fail to take into account the noise and visual impacts of the toll road on the recreational experience.’
    • ‘For a couple of hours, we joked and talked with each other through greater Chicago traffic, until we finally came to a welcome toll road.’
    • ‘I believe both the interchange and a toll road would greatly alleviate the existing traffic problems experienced by regular commuters.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the original circuit always has been officially considered a one-way public toll road.’
    • ‘If the scheme is sanctioned, it will become Labour's first toll road - as the existing M6 Toll was a Conservative initiative.’
    • ‘The M6 scheme would be the first public toll road in the country, but will be preceded by the private toll road currently being built around Birmingham.’
    • ‘I missed the M6 toll road and had to go up and down the M6 to rejoin it.’
    • ‘The preferred route for the toll road would bisect San Onofre State Park and cross part of the critical habitat for the toad.’


toll road

/ˈtōl ˌrōd/ /ˈtoʊl ˌroʊd/