Definition of tombolo in English:



  • A bar of sand or shingle joining an island to the mainland.

    • ‘The longshore current can carry large amounts of sand along the coast and can form spits (narrow peninsulas of sand), barrier islands and tombolos (narrow sand deposits connecting a near-shore island with the beach).’
    • ‘You'll just get a cascading series of problems to do with the mechanics of maintaining the tombolo at the same time as having a canal going through it.’
    • ‘The sediments that form tombolos often form in ridges along an underwater wave-cut terrace.’
    • ‘Waves and currents sort these materials, and deposit them on a bar, spit, cuspate foreland, tombolo, or beach.’
    • ‘Due to input of sediment from rivers, marine deltas may form, due to beach and longshore drift such features as spits, bay barriers, and tombolos may form.’
    • ‘The lakeshore processes displayed through the formation of numerous bars, spits and tombolos within the lakes of this park are tentatively assigned provincial significance.’
    • ‘A crest much above this level effectively converts a reef to a detached breakwater, introducing the potential for the formation of harmful tombolos and disruption to longshore processes.’
    • ‘Salients and tombolos tend to occur when the distance between the island and the shoreline is less than four times the size of the island.’
    • ‘Several varieties of tombolos have been recognized in all parts of the globe, linking islands along the edges of lakes as well as oceans.’
    • ‘Hills Beach to the north and Fletcher Neck to the south, comprise the pair of supratidal tombolos that protect the embayment, or ‘The Pool’, from the open ocean.’
    • ‘The tombolo is an exceptionally diverse and complex association of rare landforms and natural communities on the southeast end of 10,000 acre Stockton Island.’
    • ‘Coastal barriers may be described by their relationships to the mainland as bay barriers, tombolos, barrier spits, and barrier islands.’
    • ‘The two lagoons are enclosed by two strips of land called Feniglia and Giannella tombolos, where tourists can find kilometres of delightful beaches.’
    • ‘Tidal tombolos are the most volatile area of the beach, migrating up to 30m during individual storm events of only a few days.’
    • ‘He has said that what is termed as Adam's Bridge or Ramar Sethu in the Palk Straits is a tombolo, a sand deposit.’
    • ‘Some vegetative colonization is occurring on the tombolos.’
    sandbank, bank, mudbank, bar, sandbar, tombolo, shallow, shelf, sands


Late 19th century from Italian, literally ‘sand dune’.