Definition of tomcod in English:


nounplural noun tomcod, plural noun tomcods

  • A small edible greenish-brown North American fish of the cod family, popular with anglers.

    Genus Microgradus, family Gadidae: M. proximus of the Pacific coasts, and M. tomcod of the Atlantic coasts and fresh water

    ‘Common fish species in the area include atlantic tomcod, mummichog, redfish, herring, silver hake, Greenland halibut, and the dangerously overfished northern cod.’
    • ‘Some of the predatory fish of the ecozone are brook trout and Atlantic tomcod.’
    • ‘Microgadus tomcod is a close relation of the cod but much smaller and found only in the NW Atlantic, from Labrador down to Virginia.’
    • ‘The atlantic tomcod is one of the predators here, preying on such species as rainbow smelt and mummichog.’
    • ‘Finally, there was a September eel fishery in the rivers that sustained large runs of these catadromous fish, followed by fall hunting for elk and beavers, and by December, ice-fishing for tomcod.’



/ˈtämkäd/ /ˈtɑmkɑd/