Definition of tomoe-nage in English:



Martial Arts
  • A throw in which the thrower falls on to his or her back, pulling the opponent forward, and, with a foot placed on the stomach, hurls the opponent over his or her head.

    The throw is part of the original judo syllabus of 1895.



/ˌtɒməʊeɪˈnaɡeɪ/ /təˌməʊɪˈnaɡi/


Early 20th century. From Japanese tomoe nage from tomoe circular symbol with a swirling pattern (early 12th century as tomo-we, denoting a timber quality mark; from tomo archer's circular wrist-shield + we picture) + nage throw, so called on account of the shape made by the bodies of the judoka during the throw (observed from the side); sometimes translated as ‘circle throw’.