Definition of tondo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtändō/ /ˈtɑndoʊ/


  • A circular painting or relief.

    ‘Here the author proceeds tondo by tondo, providing extended readings of each work, into which she integrates observations about the setting, function, and circular significance of the tondo made in earlier chapters.’
    • ‘She also strives to situate the tondo within a representational tradition and in relation to specific social and cultural practices.’
    • ‘The stylistic traits reflected in the known copies also support this dating, and the original was arguably the first tondo in which Raphael came to terms with a circular format.’
    • ‘The tondo, much more so than the altarpiece, was not a clear-cut category in quattrocento and early cinquecento Florence.’
    • ‘After studying with Michelangelo, he produced such works as the tondo of the Virgin and Child with S. John the Baptist in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.’
    • ‘Beaumont was one of Constable's most important patrons, and the Royal Academician's enthusiasm for Michelangelo must have played a part in the bequest: Constable's sketches of the tondo survive in the Academy's collection.’
    • ‘She chronicles the emergence of the independent tondo in Florence in the 1430s and its relatively brief apogee from 1480 to 1515.’
    • ‘The second Sienese commission I want to discuss is the tondo that was mentioned amongst the possessions of Silvia Piccolomini in 1542.’
    • ‘The tondo shows an industrial edifice under demolition.’
    • ‘She celebrates the family values promoted by the tondi: paternal nurturing; maternal piety, chastity, and fertility; and health, beauty, and innocence in children.’
    • ‘He also painted a tondo of the Pieta bearing Philip's coat of arms on the back, and he painted and gilded Sluter's statues.’
    • ‘Every element in the central detail of Delvaux's Aurore reappears in Duchamp's tondo, but every element is slightly different.’
    • ‘In addition there are seventeen pictures by masters with some connection to Raphael, as well as, curiously, a cast of Michelangelo's marble tondo at the Royal Academy.’
    • ‘One such painting was a small, sky-blue tondo with two rough vertical white lines descending partway from the top.’
    • ‘The tondo in Plate II, for example, is the earliest known version of the Trinity with God the Father mourning over the body of his dead son.’
    • ‘John Perreault is captured in profile in a 17-inch tondo of 1980, bearded and rather imperial.’
    • ‘Dolci's exquisite tondo has been at Kedleston since its purchase in February 1758, but has not previously been on show to the public there.’
    • ‘It is a 5-foot tondo with a soft black horizontal line across its middle.’


Late 19th century from Italian, literally ‘round object’, from rotondo ‘round’, from Latin rotundus.