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tone arm

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(also tonearm)
  • The movable arm supporting the pickup of a record player.

    ‘The team discarded the tone arm and stylus cartridge, and replaced them with an optical delivery system or ‘optical head’ designed and constructed by the technical team.’
    • ‘Reprogramming the satellite corrected the problem and now our tone arm is providing us with a listening experience unparalleled in hi-fi depth, clarity, and stereo soundstage.’
    • ‘Its rudimentary suspension couldn't possibly cushion the tone arm from even the slightest road shocks.’
    • ‘In addition to its assorted vibration-damping technologies, the tone arm allows you to dial in the sound with each platter by adjusting arm height, called VTA, on the fly.’
    • ‘We picked up the tone arm and played it again and again.’


tone arm

/ˈtōn ˌärm/ /ˈtoʊn ˌɑrm/