Definition of tone cluster in English:

tone cluster


another term for note cluster
‘A brief middle section contains off-beat strumming, while tone clusters finally give way to richly-scored harmonic passagework.’
  • ‘It also sounds heavily dissonant due to tone clusters and many tritones.’
  • ‘Unusual techniques abound but these performers careen through the tone clusters and microtonal brambles like dancers through dense forests.’
  • ‘Lerner conquered the score's thunderous octaves and tone clusters brilliantly.’
  • ‘He turns fashionably Feldman-esque by unceremoniously flattening out the composer's intricate intimacy into dull clumps of tone clusters and aimless arpeggios.’


tone cluster

/tōn ˈkləstər/ /toʊn ˈkləstər/