Definition of tone-on-tone in English:



  • (of a fabric or design) dyed with or using different shades of the same colour.

    • ‘‘Mercerized cotton damasks are the hardest for us to capture accurately,’ adds the photographer, noting that shiny fabrics, subtle textures, and tone-on-tone designs require some photographic tricks.’
    • ‘Tweedy or heathery tone-on-tone designs would fit in here.’
    • ‘In addition to the textured designs, manufacturers are also reporting strong interest in tone-on-tone looks, where different shades of a color have been incorporated into a pattern.’
    • ‘In a hue slightly darker than the fabric, stamp a design to create a tone-on-tone background that looks like a commercially printed fabric.’
    • ‘Once again, contrast piping or tone-on-tone jacquard prints are a great way to break up the monotony of solids.’
    • ‘Consider a stitch sampler, using various threads and stitches, or a tone-on-tone patch.’
    • ‘Remaining optimistic, the brothers are focused on their fall line that will feature tone-on-tone colors, matching shirts and suits, and striped ties.’
    • ‘Monochromatic microprints replace last year's geometric and graffiti prints, the tone-on-tone effects playing with details like layering and draping, as well as offbeat fabric mixes.’
    • ‘With solids, tone-on-tone is the preferred option.’
    • ‘Shadow definition is pretty good, and tone-on-tone areas like jacket lapels show up much more clearly here than in some other releases.’
    • ‘If you don't want to go beyond white, update your color with tone-on-tone neutrals like ecru, oyster, almond or biscuit.’
    • ‘Many solid-colored ties also feature tone-on-tone prints in the background.’
    • ‘The line featured several uses of the very popular tone-on-tone look, where the shirt and tie are the same color.’
    • ‘There is a new subtlety to beading and embellishment, with tone-on-tone work dominating.’