Definition of toned-down in English:



  • Altered so as to be less extreme or intense.

    ‘a toned-down version of the report was published’
    • ‘Clients know they can always order a toned-down version later.’
    • ‘Some fashion experts are predicting a more toned-down Grammys.’
    • ‘He was a natural for the toned-down realism of Tom Robertson's plays.’
    • ‘A sea of carpet in toned-down burgundy lay between walls twining with William Morris flowers on pale paper.’
    • ‘I think it might lead to a more toned-down atmosphere.’
    • ‘These useless products are still being advertised on the Internet, albeit with toned-down claims.’
    • ‘My 8-year-old absolutely loves Eminem, so I try to get him the toned-down version - the edited, censored version.’
    • ‘After Sunday's elections, he said the government should reintroduce a toned-down version.’
    • ‘Robert Englund plays The Phantom as a toned-down version of Freddy Krueger.’
    • ‘Not every chardonnay fan will find this larger-than-life white to their taste, although the toned-down 2002 is less assertive than recent vintages.’
    • ‘He turns in a toned-down performance that communicates a lot nonverbally.’
    • ‘He has adopted a classier, toned-down look.’
    • ‘This recording is not all that good, not least because it uses the later, toned-down version of the opera.’
    • ‘Of his first four excellent novels, two were made into horror films; the wonderfully unsettling The Other, and a toned-down TV version of Harvest Home.’
    restrained, modest, understated, muted, subtle, quiet, low-profile, inconspicuous, unostentatious, unobtrusive, discreet, circumspect, played-down, toned-down, self-effacing, relaxed, downbeat, easy-going, modulated, softened