Definition of tonically in English:


Pronunciation /-ik(ə)lē/


See tonic

‘The lung, however, does not become inflamed or infected, in part because alveolar and airway macrophages express a number of antiinflammatory molecules that tonically suppress pulmonary inflammation.’
  • ‘In Hirschsprung disease, the aganglionic colon remains spastic or tonically enhanced and unable to relax.’
  • ‘The EDL is adapted for relatively infrequent bursts of phasic activity, whereas the soleus is tonically activated to maintain posture.’
  • ‘The influence of hypercapnia on tonically discharging motor units is certainly of interest, and future studies are needed.’
  • ‘The lower esophageal sphincter is tonically contracted at rest to seal the lumen in a rosette at the esophagogastric junction.’