Definition of tonify in English:


verbtonifies, tonifying, tonified

[with object]
  • 1Impart tone to (the body or a part of it).

    1. 1.1(of acupuncture or herbal medicine) increase the available energy of (a bodily part or system).
      • ‘Finally, legumes are an important source of valuable phytochemicals such as saponins, which tonify the immune system and inhibit the DNA synthesis of cancer cells.’
      • ‘These foods are nutritionally dense and tonify all bodily tissues.’
      • ‘A substance used in Chinese medicine that tonifies the blood and is of specific benefit to the nails is gelatin.’
      • ‘It warms the kidneys and spleen, and it builds, or tonifies, the digestive system.’
      • ‘In this formula, ginseng tonifies the stomach.’