Definition of tonight in English:



  • On the present or approaching evening or night.

    ‘are you doing anything tonight?’
    • ‘I am going out on a work night out tonight if any one wants to join me.’
    • ‘I plan to play with this after the weekend, as tonight I must get ready for a journey to France.’
    • ‘I seem to have been celebrating all weekend but tonight I'll try and save a bit of energy.’
    • ‘After a full day at school, they both went to sleep tonight earlier than normal.’
    • ‘He is always on the street, but tonight he wears a stars and stripes bandanna and he cannot be still.’
    • ‘That was actually fine as I was quite happy not to have to interact with people tonight.’
    • ‘I would like to think it wasn't a true reflection of what we can do and tonight we can show that is the case.’
    • ‘Anyway, tonight we ate in a small place recommended by a book and not word of mouth.’
    • ‘We'll practice here tonight and tomorrow, then move over when things are good to go.’
    • ‘They are a band that like to make some noise and tonight they did just that.’
    • ‘We have done as much as we can to prepare the car for the race and tonight we will again go through all our data.’
    • ‘So tonight I found myself sitting next to the cot for an hour while she wrestled against sleep.’
    • ‘I was out walking the dogs tonight when I saw something that depressed me.’
    • ‘The girl who did my lashes tonight said that I was lovely, and likes it when I come in.’
    • ‘So I will try and finish up my taxes tonight and send them in because they are due at midnight.’
    • ‘By the time he takes to the stage tonight the crowd is eager with anticipation.’
    • ‘I'm going to have to do my maths tonight to see if I need to dash down to the shop and find more of the same dye lot.’
    • ‘I just didn't want to go back home tonight having screwed up so early in the task.’
    • ‘I'll be late back tonight and most likely won't turn on the computer.’
    • ‘He'll be back late tonight and then we're going to say our goodbyes tomorrow morning.’


  • The evening or night of the present day.

    ‘tonight is a night to remember’
    • ‘I left late afternoon to come home and work on sites for tonight's piece.’
    • ‘There are some nights which are absolutely lovely, and tonight was one of them.’
    • ‘Some flew home on Thursday night, and the last will return to Britain by tonight.’
    • ‘The significance of tonight's match will be illustrated by the presence of one man.’
    • ‘Tonight is a big night, because tonight I am going to my first creative writing class.’
    • ‘On the evidence of tonight this might have been the best thing that could have happened to them.’
    • ‘Tonight's episode is about string theory, and it's pretty good.’
    • ‘Tonight's cup clash could now be rescheduled for next Tuesday.’
    • ‘At least some of these are likely to be introduced during tonight's match.’
    • ‘Tonight's thought is, of course, on youth and simply stated.’
    • ‘Tonight's thought is on giving thanks, and here is a quote.’
    • ‘I'm absolutely gutted to be missing tonight's match.’


Old English tō niht, from the preposition to+ night. Compare with today and tomorrow.