Definition of too bad in English:

too bad

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  • Used to indicate that something is regrettable but is now beyond retrieval.

    • ‘too bad, but that's the way it is’
    • ‘Now when that means you lose a little money on the stock market or whatever, that's too bad.’
    • ‘In a way it's too bad, but if he becomes a casualty, it will be his own fault.’
    • ‘It would be too bad if professional boxing had to be stopped because there is a lot of good talent here.’
    • ‘The family photo isn't there, which is too bad because they picked a pretty good one.’
    • ‘Thicks lips are not supposed to be considered to be an aesthetic thing, so too bad.’
    • ‘It's too bad, but this is still a country where those who speak the truth are targeted.’
    • ‘It's too bad that most of his monologues were so focused on current events because it made them hard to watch now.’
    • ‘It's called socialism, and if the rich squeal like pigs in a poke then too bad.’
    • ‘Some guests rarely venture out, which is too bad, since they miss the true magic of Madeira.’
    • ‘The fact is there is no queue but we still insist they are jumping one so that's just too bad.’