Definition of too much in English:

too much


  • An intolerable, impossible, or exhausting situation or experience.

    ‘the effort proved too much for her’
    • ‘Their outstanding quality was a little bit too much for us and it was a fair result.’
    • ‘It is too much for us lesser mortals to understand fully what we are supporting and why.’
    • ‘Is it too much to ask to have a little drama surrounding my entrance into the world?’
    • ‘Sarcasm was obviously too much for his assailant as he jumped off the tube and ran away.’
    • ‘Much as Clune likes stirring up a bit of a buzz, there are times when it can be too much even for her.’
    • ‘It was quite good, if you like that sort of thing but it was all too much for the Royal couple.’
    • ‘For a few though, the constant pressure gets too much and they have to bow out or fold up.’
    • ‘In the first leg of the race, it was very rough and I thought that it was too much for me.’
    • ‘My father felt like that was maybe a little bit too much for me, but how else do you learn?’
    • ‘She just goes ahead and does it, telling me to swear out loud if the pain gets too much.’