Definition of tool pusher in English:

tool pusher


(also toolpusher)
  • A person who directs the drilling on an oil rig.

    ‘In graduate school I taught freshman history classes and shared an office with a fellow whose former career had been tool pusher on an offshore rig.’
    • ‘In the event the tool pusher is not on site, the drill rig operator or driller assumes this responsibility.’
    • ‘To advance from an entry-level position to being a tool pusher may require 10-15 years.’
    • ‘On a bi-weekly basis, the tool pushers meet with the company's drilling superintendent and the safety director to discuss the safety program along with other matters.’
    • ‘In the early oil-development days, roughnecks, drillers, tool pushers and equipment haulers literally wallowed in the mud, dropping pipe and running oil wells around the clock.’


tool pusher

/to͞ol ˈpo͝oSHər/ /tul ˈpʊʃər/