Definition of toothlessness in English:



See toothless

  • ‘But the toothlessness of their side, a perennial problem, made for morsels that, ultimately, were easily digested by their rivals.’
  • ‘Flashbacks to Fisher's foster home carry the weight of importance here, but even they have the toothlessness of high-minded intentions.’
  • ‘It broke because of my refusal to confront the consequences - pain, decay, toothlessness - of not going to the dentist.’
  • ‘Very fetching are the roles given a gaggle of old ladies in various stages of toothlessness, being attended in an old-folks institution.’
  • ‘The great benefit of his show is to expose the political toothlessness of much so-called radical thought.’
  • ‘The U.S. bears no small amount of blame for the U.N.'s toothlessness, but the rest of the world certainly is not absolved of responsibility.’
  • ‘On several occasions, for example, he condemns the toothlessness of contemporary journalism and its reluctance to hold the powerful to account.’
  • ‘The memoir is dense throughout with imagery of oral assault: imagery of toothlessness, death and dental suffering in many individuals.’
  • ‘This game looks to be ensconced in a pattern of Korean possession, Korean toothlessness, and occasional rapid French breaks around that big bottler Henry.’
  • ‘How have you avoided the addiction, obesity, and toothlessness that's afflicted so many of your contemporaries?’
  • ‘The toothlessness of this process was revealed in 1985, the last time an inquest was held.’