Definition of top-grade in English:



  • Of the highest quality; excellent.

    ‘companies with top-grade managers’
    • ‘In golf, being properly prepared has a lot to do with getting top-grade instruction.’
    • ‘Worse, over the past two years, occupancy rates in top-grade office space have been falling, which forces rents down.’
    • ‘Jonathan was one of five students to secure four top-grade results, with three students securing places at Oxford or Cambridge Universities.’
    • ‘And as only runners-up in their preliminary group they are sure to be tossed in with some top-grade opposition at the next stage.’
    • ‘The CGI-generated backdrops are tight, and character designs and animation levels are consistently top-grade.’
    • ‘An amiable character yet tough as nails, he will no doubt find himself a new coaching role in Sydney and by all accounts has the makings of a top-grade boss.’
    • ‘The factory is built entirely with top-grade wood that forms its beams, columns, frame structures and even floors.’
    • ‘After priming it and letting it dry thoroughly, I painted this piece with a top-grade latex paint.’
    • ‘That was 20 years ago, so it's curious that the ever-faltering director still retains his reputation as a top-grade filmmaker.’
    • ‘Top-grade trees require less maintenance after planting, establish more quickly in the landscape, and are more resistant to wind damage.’