Definition of top-heavily in English:



See top-heavy

‘Bulking top-heavily upright, it loomed over the viewer like Rodin's Balzac in a pose that seems deliberately - almost comically - aggressive.’
  • ‘It was so crazily thin and elongated in the leg, so top-heavily pouted in the chest, such stalky, flexible-looking distortions of early bipeds… like something seen in one of those comic mirrors.’
  • ‘Not too top-heavily and very rhythmically and cleverly elaborated passages grab you and with the oriental touch BEFORE EDEN sound quite independent.’
  • ‘The break-away causes a sudden collapse in the lift, giving rise to a temporary, very strong moment load which turns the rotor blade top-heavily around the rotor's axis of rotation and produce s a structural-mechanical load.’
  • ‘Its corporate identity was overdeveloped, top-heavily balanced on a name and a nameplate: so strong was its effect that it engendered in general public and management a state of shock at what had happened when they really ought to have known better.’