Definition of top-tier in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtäːpˈtiər/ /ˈtɑːpˈtɪər/


  • Of the highest level or quality.

    ‘a top-tier medical school’
    • ‘Today, he's still the only African American among the lab of top-tier researchers.’
    • ‘The answer lies in part with the fierce competition for top-tier executive talent.’
    • ‘The event last November combined on-water instruction in bass fishing by top-tier professional anglers with classroom sessions at the institute.’
    • ‘Unlike Vaas, his record against the top-tier teams is rather modest: 25 wickets in 24 matches at more than 40.’
    • ‘Should any of the top-tier players falter, there is no shortage of candidates ready to step in.’
    • ‘Enrollment of women in top-tier law schools has steadily increased from 40 percent in 1985 to almost 50 percent in 2000.’
    • ‘Pretty much a dogfight there in New Hampshire between these top-tier candidates.’
    • ‘Other candidates whom I have not yet interviewed don't seem, on paper at least, to be top-tier recruits.’
    • ‘That said, its supply contracts with top-tier PC manufacturers may preclude such a move.’
    • ‘The top-tier accounting firms, which have grown enormously in the past decade, are divided on this point.’
    • ‘Frequent cameos by top-tier actors pepper the film.’
    • ‘You'll need a top-tier consulting team to manage the project, which, with sufficient staffing, can be rolled out in a year.’
    • ‘The bodybuilding aficionados deserve to get what they pay for when they throw down $200 for prime seats at a top-tier show.’
    • ‘They're just as great as their designer counterpart, thanks to top-tier styling and a very reasonable price.’
    • ‘The most recent layoffs were made after the company missed its target of selling its software to 100 top-tier banks.’
    • ‘And meanwhile, the hemorraging exodus of the remaining top-tier talent out of Britain's universities continues apace.’
    • ‘And the last thing a chef in a top-tier restaurant wants to do is scrimp on ingredients.’
    • ‘Some think it may never return as a top-tier pharmaceutical company and might be forced into a merger.’
    • ‘Now Ahmad is in his seventh year as a IFBB professional bodybuilder, and a top-tier one at that.’
    • ‘With it, Sloan hoped to propel the school out of sleepy mediocrity and make it a top-tier institution.’