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top dog

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  • A person who is successful or dominant in their field.

    • ‘he was a top dog in the City’
    • ‘My point is that our nature as simian mammals pretty much dictates that the top dogs in our political systems are going to be more concerned with maintaining their privileged positions than anything else.’
    • ‘I would assume the vice president is your top dog in a shadow government.’
    • ‘The city's latest ranking as the top dog number one place in Britain to do profitable business testifies to that.’
    • ‘Next in the firing line are Fulham, as Premiership top dogs Liverpool bid to extend their lead to six points - and 14 over defending champions Manchester United.’
    • ‘Premier Division top dogs Kirkby lonsdale had no such bother in the Westmorland FA Senior Cup, hammering Victoria Sports 11-to go through.’
    • ‘The top dogs in the new entrepreneurial City are the hedge funds - loosely regulated pools of capital taking more risk to earn higher returns than traditional fund managers.’
    • ‘A number of the top dogs in the mascot game are due at Boundary Park to play a friendly five-a-side match before the festive period - and an announcement of a picket is due soon after.’
    • ‘Occupying the chairs are the top dogs from each section.’
    • ‘There weren't as many pundits and VCs and CEOs and politicians and top dogs playing.’
    • ‘This man's a top dog at the ailing Royal Academy, one of Britain's most august arts institutions.’
    • ‘It suggests the previous political and economic top dogs have reconciled themselves to the fact that they are in a sense going to be second-class citizens.’
    • ‘What was examined more closely than the overall result was the percentage increases for Sinn Fein and the DUP, the extent to which the two parties were gaining ground on the traditional top dogs of northern politics.’
    • ‘They can be excitable or nervous; bred to be guard or fighting dogs; they may never have been given the opportunity to learn that there is a canine pecking order and that top dogs dominate the rest of the pack.’
    • ‘And like many top dogs in this administration, he's not exactly considered a good friend of the environmental community.’
    • ‘While a list does rank the country's top dogs, figuring out which one has a shot at winning Westminster isn't as easy as looking at the number one spot.’
    • ‘It means they have become the top dog in the business.’
    • ‘The British, who were once top dogs themselves, obviously envy your dominance.’
    • ‘Perhaps they will reshape Carlow football, but the win recalled the heady days of the ‘60s when they were top dogs.’
    • ‘And even though they failed to make a mark on some of the more experienced sides, they emerged as honorary top dogs of the north after beating North West side Barrow in a thrilling final encounter, 42-39.’
    • ‘Defending champions Wetheriggs United have sent out a clear message they want to stay top dogs by following up their 5-1 win against Keswick with a 5-victory over Lunesdale United.’
    chief, head, principal, boss


top dog

/ˈtäp ˈdôɡ/ /ˈtɑp ˈdɔɡ/