Definition of top fermentation in English:

top fermentation


  • The process by which ale-type beers are fermented, proceeding for a relatively short period at high temperature with the yeast rising to the top.

    ‘Because of the warmer temperatures in Australia, de Bavay had to adapt Pasteur's methods to top fermentation.’
    • ‘Cold soaking the fruit for 36 hours along with a 14 day, open top fermentation expanded the extraction.’
    • ‘The problems of top fermentation brewing encouraged de Bavay to explore the possibilities of lager-brewing.’
    • ‘In modern brewing many of the original top fermentation strains have been modified to be bottom fermenters.’
    • ‘The three main categories are bottom fermentation, top fermentation and spontaneous fermentation.’
    • ‘For ales, top fermentation yeast is used, while bottom fermentation yeast is used for lagers.’
    • ‘Blond, Brown, Tripel or Christmas, the abbey beers of Tongerlo are all beers of top fermentation.’
    • ‘There they were fermented in small open top fermentation tanks for 7 days.’
    • ‘Brugge Tripel is an amber colour beer of top fermentation with an alcohol volume of 8.2% and re-fermented in the bottle.’
    • ‘This is brewed at top fermentation and is a wonderful ale.’
    • ‘It also explains why top fermentation has been the standard form of beer-making the world over throughout most of human history.’
    • ‘Suspended material is then removed through a whirlpool with the wort then being cooled to 15°C before the fermenting with top fermentation yeast is began.’
    • ‘When we were developing the Ruunu Festive Beer we decided on top fermentation, but we wanted to make a fresh version of it for consumers.’


top fermentation

/täp ˌfərmənˈtāSHən/ /tɑp ˌfərmənˈteɪʃən/