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  • 1An overcoat.

    ‘Overcoats, topcoats, jackets, blankets, sweaters or other items can be wound around your forearm to protect it from knife slashes or hits from hard objects.’
    • ‘From military looks to classic topcoats, check out all the cool outerwear available for fall 2004.’
    • ‘Crutches, walking aids as well as blankets, quilts, topcoats, hats, scarves and gloves for people of all ages are urgently wanted.’
    • ‘His figure had been hidden, bent almost double against the rain, the thin wall between the sky and his skin consisting of the thick fabric of a topcoat and a shirt that would have been at home among silk.’
    • ‘Dressed in his woolen topcoat, Pellew stepped onto the deck.’
    • ‘They check their nearly identical topcoats and hats at the door.’
    • ‘Even if it was 90 degrees, he had on a full topcoat and a hat, baggy clothes.’
    • ‘He pulled on his vest, buttoning it quickly, then the topcoat, and tied on his neckerchief.’
    • ‘To these he added beautiful topcoats in charcoal wool and tweed.’
    • ‘Coming directly from the brisk autumn weather of Montana, Ken was astonished to see businessmen in hot, humid Houston wearing topcoats.’
    • ‘Overshoes and topcoats may not be worn in the office, but scarves and head gear may be worn in inclement weather.’
    • ‘They are extensively used for car topcoats as well as in military and aerospace applications.’
    • ‘She sat up grabbing the shoulders of his topcoat.’
    • ‘As she waited for her purchase to be made up she took the opportunity to take off her topcoat - an elegantly executed exercise compelling her to stretch as she removed the sleeves from her arms.’
    • ‘She turned to him feeling her body rub over his topcoat.’
    • ‘Dust from somewhere clung to the shoulder of his topcoat.’
    • ‘She pulls on a topcoat and leaves the apartment hurriedly with a tossed off ‘A ce soir.’’
    • ‘She'd done a reasonably decent job with the topcoat, but the heavy undercoat along her spine was matted down to the skin.’
    • ‘On cool days he also dons a topcoat and cuts the air like the most glorious gangster in the history of an otherwise colorless world.’
    • ‘She knew it was the same one because of the long topcoat he was wearing.’
  • 2An outer coat of paint.

    ‘And avoid fast-drying topcoats: They may be convenient, but the ingredients in many formulas tend to shrink the polish, making it more prone to chipping.’
    • ‘If you don't wear polish, try to put on a clear topcoat to show that you put some effort into your grooming.’
    • ‘Simply clean that surface with a wax and grease remover, then topcoat with any of these topcoats.’
    • ‘Over two years of research and development and a significant investment in state-of-the-art finish equipment have enabled the new facility to incorporate low-emission wood finishing using water-based stains and topcoats.’
    • ‘The characteristic joints that identify the bamboo plant are clearly visible and give the floor a unique appearance and natural tone, hardened by topcoats of acrylic polyurethane finish.’
    • ‘‘You can shrink that time if you use drying aids, like speedy topcoats or finishing sprays,’ she adds.’
    • ‘Other chemicals used in nail-sculpting include nail polish, polish remover, acrylic primer, enamel undercoat and topcoats.’
    • ‘Also, topcoats of varnish turn yellow with age, the result of reactions between the plant resins used for varnish and oxygen in the air.’
    • ‘Instead of or in addition to a bonding primer, a bonding additive can be stirred into the first of two topcoats.’
    • ‘But National Grid assured residents and conservationists today that the yellow-orange paint on pylons at Station Farm, Alne, near Easingwold, is merely an undercoat and will soon be hidden under a topcoat of grey.’
    • ‘Before applying the clear topcoat, buff the surface with a superfine abrasive pad or 20-grit sandpaper - do not use steel wool, which can leave behind fine particles that will rust.’
    • ‘Over by the pond we have used old cobblestones instead of native stone; these appear much more gray than the fieldstone in the main garden, so I reverse the process and use the brown as an undercoat and the gray as a topcoat.’
    • ‘If directed, apply a topcoat to seal the design.’
    • ‘For example, if the existing topcoat is in good condition, and you're going to restain to the same, or darker color, one coat may suffice.’
    • ‘Whichever you use for a topcoat, pour a 4-inch pool in the center of the piece and brush the finish out to the edges with a soft bristle brush.’
    • ‘To assure compatibility, it's best to choose the primer that is the same brand as, and is recommended for, the topcoat you are using.’
    • ‘A multilayer electrodeposited alloy with an organic topcoat, it has been approved and used by all the automakers for years.’
    • ‘Apply your topcoat with a good-quality brush or other applicator.’
    • ‘Let that dry for an elegant metal finish, or apply the patina topcoat or rapid rust oxidizer for a unique variety of aged finishes.’
    • ‘And use a quick-dry topcoat every other day to prolong the life of your polish.’
    • ‘The paint shop has four new spray booths and can deliver a water-based topcoat to reduce solvent emissions.’



/ˈtäpˌkōt/ /ˈtɑpˌkoʊt/