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Pronunciation /täpˈɡalənt/ /tɑpˈɡælənt/ /təˈɡalənt/ /təˈɡælənt/

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also topgallant mast
  • 1The section of a square-rigged sailing ship's mast immediately above the topmast.

    ‘Then the topgallant masts and sail fell onto the forecastle, dragging in the water until cut free.’
    • ‘The jibsails came down smoothly, then the topsails, until only the topgallants were still drawing.’
    • ‘On the topgallant mast is the topgallant sail, on big vessels divided into two sails, like the topsail.’
    • ‘After the topgallant got to be pretty standard shipwrights started making the topgallant mast taller.’
    • ‘Constitution had royals above her topgallants, and later she had even higher sails called skysails.’
    • ‘She has not yet made preparations for heavy weather, as top and topgallant masts are still up.’
    • ‘See attached, a quick mock-up to approximate where the topgallant masts should actually be.’
    • ‘On Rose, the lower masts are steel and the topmasts and topgallant masts are wooden, typically pine or spruce.’
    • ‘Above the topmast was added the topgallant mast and above that the topgallant mast royal.’
    • ‘When I use Mikes numbers the main and topmasts fits but the topgallant masts seemed to be about 1/3 too high.’
    • ‘The topmast in turn supported the topgallant mast, which could be lowered and replaced, if necessary, even at sea.’
    • ‘A sleeve was plug welded to the topgallant mast on shore.’
    • ‘We always like seeing the topgallants run back up in spring.’
    • ‘They often carried a spare set of topgallant masts of shorter height which they interchanged according to the prevailing weather.’
    • ‘This purchase is fitted for the purpose pose of setting topgallant rigging up smartly; the upper block in large ships is a double block.’
    • ‘A glance revealed that the main topgallant mast had been carried away.’
    • ‘In the right foreground is the French ship ‘Bucentaure’ in starboard-bow view, with her mizzen mast and main topgallant mast shot away.’
    • ‘Masted in three masted barque with topgallant, royal and double topsails, she had a wooden masting containing top masts and topgallant masts of a single piece and a bowsprit without jib-boom.’
    • ‘The overlapping view makes it difficult to sort out the various spars, but it appears that the foremast has only lower and topmasts, while topgallants are carried on the main and mizen.’
    1. 1.1also topgallant sailA sail set on a topgallant mast.
      ‘Above the upper topsails are the topgallant sails and above these, the royals and the skysails.’
      • ‘On large ships, the topgallant sail sometimes comprises 2 separate sails for the same reason.’
      • ‘In a short time the topgallant sails and mainsail were handed and preparations made to reef the fore topsail.’
      • ‘She had a full set of sails including double topsails, single topgallant sails and nothing above the royal yards.’
      • ‘Sometimes additional pieces of wood were fastened to the topmasts, which carried topgallant sails.’
      • ‘About midnight we lost the main topgallant sail, which is the next to the highest of five sails on the mainmast.’
      • ‘In the afternoon set the fore and main topgallant sails. 1pm set the mizzen topgallant sail and spanker.’
      • ‘Of historical interest are the topgallant sails carried on the fore and main masts, the lateen topsails and topgallants on the mizzen and the topsail on the bonaventure mizzen mast at the stern.’
      • ‘We also slept in hammocks, stood lookout watch at the end of the jibboom and furled topgallant sails during beautiful evening sunsets.’
      • ‘She is generally under two topsails, fore and main topsails, fore and foretopmast staysails, sometimes topgallant sails and jib, but seldom any sail on the mizzen, except while in chase of a vessel.’
      • ‘By the end of the reign of the carrack, a third sail, the topgallant sail had appeared in some ships above the topsail in its topgallant mast.’
      • ‘Her fore and mizen topgallant masts had been carried away, the topgallant sails hung before the topsails, with the main topgallant masts standing, and all her sails set.’
      • ‘The rig has at least three square sails: the course on the lower mast, the topsail on the topmast and the topgallant sail on the topgallant mast.’
      • ‘Each square sail had its name: mainsail, topsail, topgallant sail, royal, skysail, and moonsail; each smaller as one looked upward.’
      • ‘The topgallant royal is a small spar which is often a continuation of the topgallant mast, and is fixed.’
      • ‘Once round Start Point, however, the reefs will be shaken out and possibly topgallants set.’
      • ‘We had a wonderful sail last night. 20 kt winds, heeled over slightly with tops and topgallants set - a great feeling.’
      • ‘If it freshens more, though, between this and eight bells, you can take in the topgallants if you like, and a reef in the topsails as well.’
      • ‘Fitted above the topgallants were royals and above them skysails.’
      • ‘At 9: 30p.m. on July 25, 1850, a sleek Baltimore clipper with her topgallants and topsails set approached the treacherous Mendocino coast.’