Definition of topoisomer in English:



  • A topologically distinct isomer, especially of DNA.

    ‘The distribution of 2 plasmid DNA topoisomers was measured by Southern blot analysis with a radiolabeled 2 DNA probe.’
    • ‘Comparing the topoisomer distribution of plasmid DNA from the ancestor with the completely relaxed plasmid control yielded an estimate of = - 0.066 for the ancestor.’
    • ‘An extract was deemed to be deficient if, in all three trials, the ratio of intermediate to supercoiled products indicated an accumulation of intermediate topoisomers (compared to wild type).’
    • ‘This suggests that the main contribution to the variation in adjusted parameters comes from the presence of a distribution in topoisomers rather than thermal fluctuations.’
    • ‘In the sequence used here, the presence of L-Gln residues may lead to topoisomers.’
    • ‘The 9C 14 loop was observed to give a mixture of a relaxed topoisomer, a positive supercoil, and a small amount of negative supercoil upon ring closure, whereas 11C12 gave mainly a relaxed topoisomer.’



/ˌtäpōˈīsəmər/ /ˌtɑpoʊˈaɪsəmər/