Definition of torchlight in English:


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  • The light of a torch or torches.

    ‘Slowly his eyes fluttered open, but the flickering torchlight that lit his cell seemed unnaturally bright.’
    • ‘He estimated his position from his brief view of the room with torchlight and the light framed by the doorway he had entered from.’
    • ‘The room was still lit by torchlight as Zarana rose from the cramped room and exited through paper door.’
    • ‘They say they had no choice but to pack up by torchlight yesterday after the electricity to Woolston House, a former textile mill, was cut off.’
    • ‘Even at this late hour, torchlight and candlelight glowed brightly through the many gaping windows.’
    • ‘Numair was asleep, moonlight and torchlight falling in through the window and shining on his blonde hair.’
    • ‘There was one staircase in the centre, dimly illuminated by torchlight, and it led to somewhere below.’
    • ‘Ather walked though the small city as torchlight illuminated the walls of the huts.’
    • ‘I would usually start studying and handwriting assignments at 1am by torchlight as there was no electricity.’
    • ‘Lionfish, with their colours even more luminescent in the brightness of torchlight, gently moved around the jetty posts.’
    • ‘Despite brilliant daylight outside, we move through the building by torchlight.’
    • ‘The torchlight glowered down to the barest hint of light emerging from the brackets.’
    • ‘The lights were out and the only light showing was that of a small flickering torchlight.’
    • ‘It was not the flickering orange of torchlight, but the steady bluish-white light of the evening outside.’
    • ‘Her spiked bracers glint in the dim torchlight and her silver chaukrum reflect the light onto the walls.’
    • ‘Then several beers and a feed under torchlight at the pub.’
    • ‘Finally, by torchlight, I take a twitching haunch, cover it with rock salt and smear it with wild sage, and we've got dinner.’
    • ‘There's live music most nights, but on at least one evening, have crab cakes by torchlight on the beach - truly romantic.’
    • ‘One of the local toms has a particular dislike for her and has battered her intermittently quite badly, and so began the hunt by torchlight for her.’
    • ‘Each bag contained a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, notebooks, a water bottle and torchlight.’



/ˈtôrCHˌlīt/ /ˈtɔrtʃˌlaɪt/