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torpedo boat

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  • A small, fast, light warship armed with torpedoes.

    ‘A8, in company with A7, a torpedo boat and the cruiser HMS Forth, parent ship of the submarine squadron, had left Devonport in the morning for exercises off Looe, carrying a crew of 12 and seven trainees.’
    • ‘Queensland had two gun boats, one torpedo boat and a picket boat.’
    • ‘All we knew was that it was either a motor torpedo boat or motor gun boat.’
    • ‘Consider this: a bigger frigate chasing a torpedo boat has to spend ten times the distance to make a 180 degree turn while something diminutive can jinx, juke and dodge without any such penalty.’
    • ‘Many of us were about 20 years old but living in that period we knew we were fighting the brutal Nazi fascist regime. I was a naval seaman on a British torpedo boat so we did not land.’
    • ‘A Royal Navy warship and a new RFA tanker were called in to help British and Spanish customs officers to seize more than three tonnes of cocaine from a wartime torpedo boat hundreds of miles out in the Atlantic.’
    • ‘And there's a substantial difference between a hovering helicopter a few feet away from a ship and an attacking jet moving close to 600 miles an hour or a torpedo boat more than a mile away when the ship was covered in smoke.’
    • ‘By the turn of the century, destroyers mounted torpedoes and replaced the torpedo boat.’
    • ‘I was taken back by the same torpedo boat that had taken me over… I fell asleep standing.’
    • ‘German bombing of airfields had now made it impossible to fly back, but there was the possibility of taking a torpedo boat from Dunkirk to Cherbourg.’
    • ‘All week I have been hearing tales of the S57, a German torpedo boat from World War Two.’
    • ‘This is where you'll find the wreck of the German torpedo boat S - 57, one of the most prized dive-sites in the southern Adriatic and protected by law.’
    • ‘Some served as motor torpedo boat tenders, battle damage repair ships or aircraft engine repair ships.’
    • ‘Unhappy with the radio-operator role that SOE planned for her, she joined the OSS and was inserted back into France by torpedo boat in March 1944 to continue her work.’
    • ‘To increase her lethal potential, she had aboard a 10-ton motor torpedo boat which her captain employed with good effect.’
    • ‘In that exchange, a North Korean torpedo boat was sunk and dozens of its sailors killed.’
    • ‘The torpedoes remained in their crates and were never used as there was no torpedo boat!’
    • ‘The boats formed part of the Medway flotilla of torpedo boat destroyers, which were returning from Granton, the flotilla staying at Filey over-night, then proceeding to Felixstowe.’
    • ‘The weather throughout the run was perfect, and the squadron was met at eight o'clock this morning by fourteen torpedo boat destroyers, which fired a royal salute and joined the escort, spreading out like wings on either side.’
    • ‘Nampo personnel landing craft are based on Soviet P-6 torpedo boat hulls.’


torpedo boat

/tôrˈpēdō ˌbōt/ /tɔrˈpidoʊ ˌboʊt/