Definition of torpidity in English:



See torpid

‘Despite the enthusiastic overtures which the dawn of a new season brings, Clark admits he will quickly lose his appetite if matches descend into torpidity.’
  • ‘An all pervasive sense of intolerable torpidity hangs heavy in the air.’
  • ‘The torpidity of this sick animated humaness is a figuration of the total energic flow of this world-body in which life-and-death are its metabolic (anabolic and katabolic) currents.’
  • ‘I know I'm handsome, but that is no reason for you to stand there in torpidity.’
  • ‘If you really do not want a clutch pedal, there is no better transmission than this: none of the surge-pause-jerk of a regular robotised manual such as Alfa Romeo's Selespeed, none of the stodge and torpidity a regular automatic can suffer.’
  • ‘Their lives are an endless chain of moments of torpidity, but the pain of these soulless beings is so visibly real it is impossible to be bored.’
  • ‘The history of the Bank provides ample testimony to its propensity for torpidity.’



/tôrˈpidədē/ /tɔrˈpɪdədi/