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  • A device showing the number and amount of bets staked on a race, to facilitate the division of the total among those backing the winner.

    ‘Instant Racing is wagering processed through a standard totalizator.’
    • ‘Exempt are punters wanting to place a bet online with a bookmaker or a totalisator licensed in South Africa.’
    • ‘Julius realised his rejected voting machine could speed up this whole process, so by 1913 he'd changed his voting machine into a totalisator, nicknamed the tote, which counted all the bets.’
    • ‘Hardly had he struck the last key of the mechanical totalisator than his presence was asked for in the experimental room.’
    • ‘The Tasmanian Turf Club banned bookmakers and confined betting on the island to the on-course totalisator in 1897.’
    • ‘The fledgling Norfolk Island based AusTOTE also offers volume based commission rates of 2 to 5%, proving that a totalisator can be run on those low margins.’
    • ‘Wren's season of notoriety rose mainly from vehement wowser pursuit of his illegal totalisator in Collingwood.’
    • ‘Before the tender, the lottery and the Bulgarian sports totalisator will be transformed into a joint stock company.’



/ˈtōdələˌzādər/ /ˈtoʊdələˌzeɪdər/