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  • 1Completely; absolutely.

    ‘the building was totally destroyed by the fire’
    • ‘they came from totally different backgrounds’
    • ‘In his denial, he treats a people as less than fully human and totally dishonours the dead.’
    • ‘If he is being absolutely and totally honest, what kind of honesty has he deployed up to now?’
    • ‘It had been feared that a strong wind from the east could have totally destroyed the window.’
    • ‘All of them have been so varied and each one is always totally different form the last.’
    • ‘By the fourth I was utterly alone and totally in the dark about where I was, so to speak.’
    • ‘Everyone in the hospital fell in love with her she was totally and utterly spoilt.’
    • ‘My point is that infinity is a lot like zero in some ways, but in other ways is totally different.’
    • ‘She finally knew what it was like to be totally and utterly in love with one person.’
    • ‘I totally understand why people want to march and protest against what we are doing.’
    • ‘He seemed like a nice enough man playing a role that he wasn't totally comfortable with.’
    • ‘It was a totally new experience for all on board and it also proved to be an arduous one.’
    • ‘We are totally devastated by her death and still cannot believe what has happened.’
    • ‘He thought it was totally insensitive to tie a bright yellow wrapper around the stones.’
    • ‘In addition, it is a totally safe form of exercise, even for people who have injuries.’
    • ‘Instead, he became totally calm, relaxed and focused on the shot he was about to play.’
    • ‘This idea is fine for those who live alone or as couples but is totally unworkable for families.’
    • ‘While that might be overstating the case just a little, it is by no means totally fanciful.’
    • ‘He is not a big spinner of the ball anyway and this means he is totally reliant on the rough for any deviation.’
    • ‘There is a lot of apathy at the club and the supporters are totally disenchanted.’
    • ‘It was puny, totally lacking in the requisite shot of caffeine direct to the brain.’
    completely, absolutely, entirely, wholly, fully, thoroughly, utterly, quite, altogether, one hundred per cent
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    1. 1.1 informal Used to emphasize a clause or statement.
      • ‘I'm sorry, I totally didn't mean it’
      • ‘so then Julie, like, totally dumps her boyfriend Tommy’
      • ‘Dude, she totally broke a shoe from the excitement.’
      • ‘She totally cut in front of me.’
      • ‘One day I was driving to the store and I was trying to dial a number on my cell phone at the same time—and I totally hit a mailbox.’
      • ‘We totally just made fun of a homeless guy.’
      • ‘So we would totally just wear jetpacks and race them in the air.’
      • ‘He totally just looked right at me!’
      • ‘I was next to him for a little while, and he was totally just as animated as everyone else.’
      • ‘You totally just contradicted yourself.’
      • ‘Dude, he's totally just posting that so his blog will get linked to.’
      • ‘We get stuff done and we cover some ground but we have so much fun totally just girling it up.’
      • ‘Do you find yourself on set ever saying, wait a minute, I totally said that to my mom earlier today.’
      • ‘You totally said that to Mr. Roberts last week when he was running through the geography prep quiz in fourth period.’
      • ‘"I totally didn't say that," she said, defensively.’
      • ‘Claire totally did not need this.’
      • ‘And we totally kissed before I left which was awesome!’
      • ‘If it wouldn't freak everyone out, including ourselves, I'd totally kiss you right now.’
      • ‘She totally laughed at me when she heard that I was helpless in the middle of town.’
      • ‘It was pretty good, but the best part was the waiter totally hit on me.’
      • ‘Her head, like, totally hit the lockers on the walls with this loud clanging noise.’
      • ‘He is, like, totally good in bed.’
    2. 1.2 informal as exclamation Used to express agreement.
      • ‘“After all it's his mess, so let him clean it up.” “Totally!”’
      • ‘I flashed him a smile as I chirped, "Totally!"’
      • ‘Oh my God, totally!’
      • ‘I was saying to him that I don't usually like mashups where they just put one song into another, and he was like, Totally!’
      • ‘Has she ever had a crush on someone and not told them? "Totally!" she laughs.’
      • ‘I was like, 'Yeah! Sure! Totally!'’
      • ‘Yeah, totally, you're completely right.’
      • ‘"Oh, totally," she replies without hesitation.’
      • ‘Yes, totally, I know he is not the best actor in the world.’
      • ‘Yeah! Girl Power! Totally, that's what this film is about.’
      • ‘Was this not a mid-life crisis of mega proportions? "Totally!" responds Stephenson.’
      • ‘"Totally," agreed Maddie, beginning to unpack right then.’
      • ‘Oh yeah, totally, without a doubt.’
      • ‘"They're an overrated team, totally," Ben nodded to himself.’
      • ‘Oh totally, Rowan is like every girl out there.’
      • ‘Totally, I think it's affecting everyone, whether it's Instant news from loads of perspectives, paying your bills or mail order brides, it's bonkers!’
      • ‘Yeah, totally, it's so different.’
      • ‘"So will you come?" "Oh, totally."’
      • ‘"Do you think that kind of stuff should be kept from the popular knowledge of younger skaters?" "Oh yeah, totally."’
      • ‘Totally man, the stickers are what I'm most looking forward to.’
      • ‘"Is that still a part of your life?" "Totally, dude."’



/ˈtōdəlē/ /ˈtoʊdəli/