Definition of tote board in English:

tote board


North American
  • A large board on which changing numerical information (such as betting odds, telethon donations, or election results) is displayed.

    ‘Behind them, in chalk, is a train schedule, like a tote board at a racetrack.’
    • ‘Okay, let's look at the tote board.’
    • ‘I've become addicted to checking the tote board every few hours.’
    • ‘The Twentieth Century Society had campaigned for the stadium's Tote board building to be granted listed status.’
    • ‘There is a tote board showing slot machine wins that day.’
    • ‘Here's the tote board for five cities to watch in the 2002 run for No. 1.’
    • ‘Tote boards at the rear of the room show the state of all aircrafts by coloured lights.’
    • ‘On October 6, it cancelled its 11-race card because of an electrical problem that rendered its infield tote board useless.’
    • ‘There has been much speculation about winning horses that have dropped in price on the tote board during the running of a race.’
    • ‘Maybe tonight they were tired and wanted to go home because in less than a minute the tote board went blank and the revised order of finish was posted.’
    • ‘The track's grandstand terrace, adjacent to its historic grandstand structure, sustained heavy damage, as did the paddock, jockeys' quarters, and infield tote board.’
    • ‘Knots of dealers and speculators crowd the observation gallery, gossiping and watching the tote board, a huge black panel with company names and prices in glowing red.’
    • ‘Here he gestures toward a tote board and a table of prizes.’
    • ‘The stewards immediately lit the tote board's inquiry sign, but deliberated for several minutes before changing the order of finish.’
    • ‘The tote board is looking pretty grim right now, and we're nowhere near our goal.’
    • ‘I know we didn't get any respect on the tote board, but looking at the numbers, this horse belonged.’
    • ‘Kirk and Tom use a little tote board (sort of like a cribbage board) to keep track of which numbered trawl lines have been hauled and which remain to be done.’
    • ‘Watching the distant green meadows and the ever-changing odds flash up and down on the big tote board, people kept pondering over their strange but irresistible pastime and scanning the line-up for winning names.’
    • ‘We can talk about point spreads and totals like we're sitting in a sports book, squinting at the tote board and waiting for the waitstaff to bring more Bloody Marys.’
    • ‘When the Senate resumed its session, it attempted to vote on the measure, only to find that four Democrats were now voting against it, and that more than a dozen Republicans were refraining from entering their votes on the tote board.’


1950s shortened from totalizator.