Definition of touch-tone in English:



  • 1(of a telephone) having push-buttons and generating tones to dial rather than pulses.

    • ‘Back in the 1940s, when the area code system was designed, there was no such thing as a touch-tone phone - all telephones operated via rotary dialing pulse operation.’
    • ‘By combining the input of a caller with tailor made scripts, IVR systems allow callers to call into a company or IVR hosting company using a touch-tone telephone, and then to interact with the system in real time.’
    • ‘The ability to play back voice sessions from any touch-tone telephone is a very important feature.’
    • ‘We've all encountered products we don't like: hard-to-hold toothbrushes, impossible-to-program VCRs, confusing touch-tone phone systems.’
    • ‘Ordering by phone, receiving customer service by phone, and being able to ‘talk’ to a computer using a touch-tone phone was something novel, and to a certain extent enjoyable.’
    • ‘For instance, customers wanting to reach sales can press 1 on their touch-tone phones.’
    • ‘Davis, who operates a computer service business in Baltimore, made an $1,152 Ultra Pick Six wager on October 26 using a touch-tone telephone with a phone account he had opened with the Catskill Off-Track Betting Corp. five days earlier.’
    • ‘The city's electorate will be able to select candidates by text message, touch-tone telephone, the Internet and at free electronic kiosks.’
    • ‘VoiceBet allows bettors to use either voice commands from any telephone or key commands on touch-tone phones to place wagers, check account balances, or review bets.’
    • ‘To choose one, after the tone press the corresponding number on a touch-tone phone or say ‘stop.’’
    • ‘Interactive digital television and even touch-tone phones may soon act as alternatives to to crossing ballot papers in local schools and halls.’
    • ‘Another study compared adolescents' reported substance use on paper-and-pencil questionnaires to their responses three months later using a touch-tone telephone format.’
    • ‘A battery of neuropsychological tests were also administered by IVR with a standard touch-tone telephone.’
    • ‘Back before we got 8 digit phone numbers, and before we got a touch-tone phone, my mother was obsessed with winning radio competitions.’
    • ‘The last time that you called an airline or the like and got the ‘automated’ system, you were undoubtedly told, ‘If you don't have a touch-tone phone, please stay on the line’.’
    • ‘It will help, however, if you use a touch-tone phone.’
    • ‘Food safety recordings can be heard 24 hours a day using a touch-tone phone.’
    • ‘Talk is cheap, and for many people it's easier than typing into a keyboard or pushing buttons on a touch-tone phone.’
    • ‘Prepaid mobile phone consumers are now being offered an innovative new service where they can conveniently top-up their call-credit anywhere and at any time on a touch-tone telephone or Internet enabled PC.’
    • ‘He punched the numbers on the touch-tone face of the phone and waited a small eternity for it to go through.’
    1. 1.1(of a service) accessed or controlled by the tones generated by touch-tone telephones.
      ‘touch-tone registration for Florida State University’
      • ‘The company has brought out a touch-tone service that will give you the PUK for any BT Cellnet phone - all you need is the mobile's phone number.’
      • ‘Then the '90s hit, corporations further alienated people with touch-tone technology, and we all learned that the little guy on the lower-right corner of our dial pad had an easier to pronounce name than ‘#.’’
      • ‘There is one major difference between a traditional touch-tone application call flow and one that is designed for speech recognition systems which make them far more user-friendly: Personality is built in.’
      • ‘Telera Connect enables enterprises to build, deploy and change inbound speechenabled and touch-tone interactive voice response and outbound notification applications.’
      • ‘Their cell phones have an ‘i-mode’ which amounts to a glorified touch-tone system, where you can order a few things that are advertised on billboards.’
      • ‘With the old touch-tone system, 75 percent of callers exited the automated system in favor of an agent.’
      • ‘Mr Lopez said the touch-tone system had now been redesigned with only four options for callers following complaints that it was too complicated.’
      • ‘Also, the technology is relatively expensive compared with traditional touch-tone or interactive voice response systems.’
      • ‘On the day of the Breeders' Cup, using a touch-tone telephone system known as an IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition system), he made his Ultra Pick Six bet.’
      • ‘However, the pre-enrollment process at OCC still remains a decentralized system of faculty and staff advisement where the vast majority of our students use the touch-tone telephone registration system.’
      • ‘Rockingham will offer free touch-tone telephone wagering in the near future and plans to provide Internet wagering services within a year through PhoneBet.’


  • 1Trademark A touch-tone telephone.

    1. 1.1A tone generated by a touch-tone telephone.