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  • A plant of the balsam family, whose ripe seed capsules open explosively when touched, scattering seeds over some distance.

    Genus Impatiens, family Balsaminaceae: several species, in particular the orange-flowered spotted touch-me-not (I. capensis)

    ‘The ceremony was held in blazing heat in a garden dotted with pink and purple touch-me-nots, orange chrysanthemums and miniature palm trees.’
    • ‘My daughter runs by the brief flowers: touch-me-nots among the stones, bluebells and sorrels, solomon's seal.’
    • ‘In summer, two kinds of jewelweeds, or touch-me-nots, bloom in the marshes, one with orange flowers and the other with pale yellow ones.’
    • ‘A stroll through older neighborhoods during summer will provide you with glimpses of fragrant four clocks and touch-me-nots.’
    • ‘Marsh fern, water horehound, spotted touch-me-not, great water dock, and lake sedge live on the soupy mudflats.’



/ˈtəCHmēnät/ /ˈtətʃminɑt/