Definition of touch on (or upon) in English:

touch on (or upon)

phrasal verb

  • 1Deal briefly with (a subject) in written or spoken discussion.

    ‘he touches upon several themes from the last chapter’
    • ‘We talked for an hour and a half, only briefly touching on the subject of finalizing the tentative plans we'd made (picked a day and that was about it), and then he had to be off.’
    • ‘Actually I'm interested in opening up this discussion and touching on the subject of the amount of time you spend playing games against the contrast of your increased age and the change in the games themselves.’
    • ‘We talked for forty-five minutes, briefly touching on the subject of last Saturday night, but mostly dancing around it.’
    • ‘This is a beautifully written book, touching on a subject that touches us all one day.’
    • ‘He packs in a great deal of information and touches on many subjects.’
    refer to, mention, give a mention to, comment on, remark on, bring up, speak of, talk about, write about, deal with, raise, broach, cover, allude to, make an allusion to, hint at, skim over
  • 2Come near to being.

    ‘a self-confident manner touching on the arrogant’
    • ‘This symmetrical infidelity makes for an interesting game of dominoes, in which the players' conversation skirts around questions of sex, marriage, and the rights of a wronged husband, without ever touching on the truth.’
    come close to, verge on, border on, incline to, approach, resemble, be tantamount to, be more or less, be not far from, be not far off