Definition of touch up in English:

touch up

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phrasal verb

  • 1touch something up, touch up somethingMake small improvements to the appearance or finish of something.

    ‘these paints are handy for touching up small areas on walls or ceilings’
    • ‘she touched up her makeup’
    • ‘It seems now that the Townlands mural has been reprieved and it is hoped when the renovation work is complete in the Loch Inn building the mural will be touched up and refreshed.’
    • ‘All over Athens, in the lead-up to this morning's opening ceremony, buildings have been touched up and instant lawn rolled out to spruce up the ancient city for the Olympics.’
    • ‘The workmen are busy touching things up and adjusting the projections.’
    • ‘If you start work early, you probably haven't got much time to apply it in the first place, and you certainly haven't got much time to touch it up during the day.’
    • ‘The streets have been touched up and the bars may be buzzing, but the English market, which dates from 1788, is still as Victorian as it comes.’
    • ‘She prepared the actor's face, the others touched it up and perfected it.’
    • ‘A full refinish is an expensive way to take care of minor stuff - and that usually reduces value too - but sometimes we can touch things up a bit and either eliminate or reduce the impact of a scratch.’
    • ‘I may touch it up at some point, but probably won't.’
    • ‘Anyway, you look great, so stop whining and keep your face still so I can touch it up.’
    repaint, patch up, retouch, renovate, refurbish, spruce up, restore, revive, renew, revamp, brush up, rehabilitate, overhaul, recondition, refresh, rejuvenate
    improve, enhance, gloss, dress up, embellish, embroider
  • 2touch someone up, touch up someoneBritish informal Touch or fondle someone without their consent for one's own sexual pleasure.

    • ‘he was sacked after one of his pupils accused him of touching her up’
    fondle, molest, feel up