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American Football
  • A ball one downs deliberately behind one's own goal line or that is kicked through one's end zone. It is taken to the 20-yard line to resume play.

    ‘Watson nearly caused a touchback, as the ball narrowly missed the endzone on its way out of bounds.’
    • ‘Against Seattle last week, the Jaguars had four kick-offs go for touchbacks and pinned the Seahawks inside the 10-yard line on consecutive possessions.’
    • ‘The second was also risky, as Stanley had not shown his regular touch, and a touchback would have only resulted in a net 11 yards.’
    • ‘The ball was knocked out of his hand at the two-yard line and recovered by the Bengals for a touchback.’
    • ‘He has posted 12 touchbacks and has become adept at pushing the ball to one side or the other to reduce the running room for return men.’



/ˈtəCHˌbak/ /ˈtətʃˌbæk/